Thing’s you should know before buying one plus nord N200 5g

one plus nord n200 5g

as this phone was launched everybody was furious to buy it but wait there are many reviews on this phone why you should buy this phone but no reviews on why you should not . Any guess ??

so one plus nord n200 comes with a side fingerprint so if you are addicted to use your finger print on back u will be annoyed by this.

camera is not good as i expected it to be colour contraction is comes with 3 camera which is not good cause there is 13mp main sensor which is companied by 2 mp macro lense and 2mp monochromatic for better artificial effects why im disappointed is that they could have provided a wide angel camera too.

there is a glicth or something in there front camera is if you turn off the filter its still somehow take a lil blur picture.

some time it feels sluggish and unresponsive.

im sure i dont have disappointed you guys if u have made your mind to buy this phone u can it’s just my point of view which i thought should be shared with you. you get what you pay for i hope you love this blog thank you!!!

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